Saturday, March 24, 2012

Zen and the Art of Weekending

There's no need to glorify the weekends, I'm sure no one will dispute their delights and simple pleasures. Are you in the weekending mood? What mood is this you may ask. Well friends this is when the weekday stress gets lost somewhere between your pillow and your coffee mug. There is work you could be doing, but you've gained this wonderful sense of time. It's the opposite of haste. You take time to enjoy being alive. Perhaps you take deeper, longer, more filling breaths. You appreciate everything you don't seem to have the time to notice during the week. The soothing sound of the coffee maker, the pacifying drizzle of muted spring rain, the way the daffodils shot up and unfolded themselves before anyone even knew they were growing. The weekend mood allows you to devote yourself to a Bob Dylan album. All the way through. Twice. (Play the video for a soundtrack similar to my morning)

 During the weekends, if you practice the Zen and Art of Weekending, you'll revel in the freedom, the happiness, the lightness. You'll let yourself sleep in. You'll prepare a sweet and satisfying breakfast (which is an Art in and of itself, no doubt) to enjoy in back in bed. You'll grind up some coffee and bust out the French Press. Why? Because it's the weekend.

This is my nest
 The Art of Weekending is all about repose and relaxation. After a sweet morning of lounge and breakfast; a quick, cool bike ride in the pillowy mist outside brought me to yoga class. My body felt strong and powerful. My poses keep improving and I'm very proud of the stage I'm at now. My chaturangas are all upper arm whereas before I'd take the weight off by lowering my hips a bit too early. It was sweaty, it was strengthening, it was reviving. I left centered and blissful, returning home to take a long shower. Yes, singing in the shower is integral to weekending.

Peace, friends. Now go get back to practicing the Art!

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  1. Even though I'm home full-time now, weekends still have a different vibe to them - so true what you say!