Saturday, March 10, 2012

     Saturday morning are for getting up without an alarm clock. They're for lounging your time away. For drinking coffee out of a pretty teacup and delighting in the last of the home-made hazelnut butter. Saturday afternoons are for yoga. Calming yoga, peaceful yoga. Best flow I've ever done yoga (fer real). sweaty, vibing, revitalizing yoga. The kind that gets you high on endorphins, dampens your scalp, makes your muscles tremble and you leaves you floating home happier than a bee on a flower.

     Saturday afternoons are for Passion Pit in the shower. Getting cleansed and clean and wearing a frilly shirt. They're for loading up on gold-toned vintage jewelry just because it makes you happy to see them on your wrist and fingers. Saturday afternoons are for thinking about taking a lovely spring walk to the library, a coffee shop, or the arb but end up staying in because your just too excited about next year to not keep looking it up online and daydreaming. They are for calling your mom to share that excitement. They're for chomping on a big bowl of veggies and dried mangoes and a steaming bowl of soup. For catching up on your guilty pleasure tv shows on hulu (I'm looking at you, Happy Endings!) and traipsing through the blogosphere. They're for starting your own blog! Saturday afternoons are for allowing yourself to forget about homework and due dates despite how looming they are.

     Saturday evenings are for going to the theater with your brother (American Meat!). The classic, historic, beautifully preserved Michigan Theater. And this Saturday night is for enjoying your own company or maybe those of your closest friends. Lounging, cozying up, listening to The Avett Brothers. Saturday nights are for going to bed early and looking forward to the Zen temple in the morning (despite losing an hour of sleep!)

Saturdays are for you. Your life is yours, enjoy it!

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