Monday, March 12, 2012

Why is it that at the moments when I'm feeling most creative and most ready to delve into a realm of inspiration, be it writing, painting, photography, or crafting, there is not a moment to spare due to the more 'necessary' activities in life. Pondering this is in and of itself just another procrastination tool and since I can't do what I most want to (create) the very least I could do is to waste time thinking and dreaming about doing so, yes? This week is certainly busy. But oh how the drizzle and rain bleed the streetlights and the colors together. How sweet and fragrant the musty, warm air is. My freshly opened paints are perched enticingly on my dresser, right next to a piece of vintage jewelery that has been dying to gets its portrait painted. There's music to be listened to. There's friends to converse with. There's travel books to be flipped through. There's daydreaming to be done. Envisioning the future and manifesting my particular breed of reality doesn't just happen overnight. Don't my assignments know that? 
But forgoing a creative out pour will be made up by some good night's sleep and a passing grade. At least that's what I keep trying to remind myself. 

I'll leave you with some inspiration, maybe use up my unusable creativity for me?

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